5 Ways on How To Pressure Wash Farm Equipment


5 Ways on How To Pressure Wash Farm Equipment

Pressure washing is the solution to make farm equipment clean by restoring them to newer conditions. Ideally, equipment should be cleaned after every use or at the very least before storing. Water Pressure washers that can generate hot water and steam output are highly recommended for cleaning agricultural equipment because they can easily clean all types of farm equipment quickly with improved efficiency. The high-pressure level can easily blast away the tough deposits that are difficult to clean using ordinary cleaning machines.


Here are the ways to follow on how to pressure wash:

1.​ Select the suitable pressure washer

​Make sure to select a pressure washer with the features to handle the challenges of farm equipment cleaning and maintenance. Attach the water hose to the pressure washer inlet; check the oil and fuel levels before starting the machine.

2. ​Set up a washing space for the equipment

​Pressure wash your equipment over an unpaved surface or area. This allows runoff to flow through the soil and allows the soapy water to soak into the ground to replenish the groundwater. Washing your equipment on a paved surface is detrimental to the environment, as the runoff flows into a storm drain and the contaminated water is discharged into a nearby lake or stream.

3. ​Prepare your equipment for cleaning

​Use only the recommended detergents or chemicals for the item you’re pressure washing. Look for a product that is not only recommended by the pressure washer manufacturer but uses a detergent or degreaser that’s formulated for your particular cleaning task. Pre-rinse the equipment with hot water, then apply the detergent or degreaser at low pressure so that the product doesn’t splash away. Allow the product to sit for 6 to 12 minutes. Talk to us to find out which products are suited to your cleaning needs.

4. ​Nozzle selection and adjustments

​ The nozzle you choose has two major features which are hole size and the spray angle. Start with a wider angle nozzle. Spray from a distance to get the right pressure on the surface and slowly move closer. Moving closer not only gives you more pressure, but the water is hotter when it comes in contact with the surface. For less pressure and cooler water, move back. Always test on a small area of the surface before you begin.

5.​ Thorough Wash and rinse

​Hot water helps to break up stubborn stains, grease, oil, and dirt mud. It lets you use fewer cleaning solutions. They use less water and require less time to loosen tough dirt and stains. Wash from the bottom to the top, then rinse from the top down. Work in sections so you can wash and then immediately rinse so the cleaning solution never has a chance to dry. Direct the water downward to force dirt down. Finally, perform a rinse, going from top to bottom so as not to leave streaks.



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